When you’re trying to solve an operational problem for a startup, what do you do? Ask the internet? Ask friends? Make it up as you go? All of those things?

For many years, I’ve been running operations for startups. During that time, I’ve had to go through that process. Over and over again. Each time I did it, I’d wonder why I couldn’t find even one great resource that would give me a template and save me weeks of research and work. I was sure the questions I was answering had to have been answered by thousands of other people over the years.

Fortunately for me, when I was solving those problems, I had help and input from you, the best startup operators and investors around, which is an immeasurable asset. Not everyone has that.

And the internet isn’t as helpful as I thought it would be. It takes a long time to find quality materials and then you have to combine a long list of resources into one to get value from them.

Over the years, while solving these problems for myself, I’ve taken the time to create, compile, and document the best practices. I have so much research. I have so many templates, frameworks, and checklists. And I’ve been improving and iterating on them for years.

No reason each of us needs to solve the same problem. It’s a waste of our collective time and brain power.

So, it’s time to share.

OpsMBA provides high quality, substantive, practical resources for startup operators. It’s a collection and combination of the best startup resources from the best startup operators. It’s the kind of material that you can pick up and instantly save yourself weeks of work. And, it helps you create a final product that you could never have achieved alone.

Our mission is to help you a build successful business that’s a great place to work. The world needs more great places to work.

I hope you find this valuable! This would have saved me a year of time over my career!

If you have something to share, then please contribute your own resources and receive the glory you deserve!

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