Feedback for Management: Give More Off-Cycle Raises

There are few better ways to show you care about and value your employees, and to retain your best people, than the unrequested, unexpected, unscheduled, off-cycle raise.

Ten Tips for Getting a Startup Job

Even If You Have No Experience or An MBA I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs, been ignored or rejected almost as many times, read thousands of applications, been on one side or the other of hundreds of interviews, and been part of hiring over a hundred people across three startups and in finance, law, and advertising. … Continue reading Ten Tips for Getting a Startup Job

From Lawyer to Deploy

I’ve learned a ton of great stuff in the last year and I’ve had a lot of fun learning all of it. Most of it is not easy to just throw onto a webpage, but some of it is exactly that. So, I’m working on a website to display a lot of what I’ve learned … Continue reading From Lawyer to Deploy

The common goal in compensation negotiations should be fairness

When negotiating compensation, the common goal most likely to lead to a successful, long-term employment relationship is fairness, not maximization by the employee or minimization by the employer. The compensation negotiation can set the tone for the relationship and is an early impression of company culture. Both sides want the relationship to be successful. Both … Continue reading The common goal in compensation negotiations should be fairness

From Lawyer to Startups

My Poorly Executed But Successful Career Change How’d you get that job? That’s a question I’ve wanted to ask hundreds of people over the last twenty years. I would’ve loved to have heard their stories to help me make better decisions when managing my own career. In the last several years, for the first time, many … Continue reading From Lawyer to Startups