5 Guidelines On How To Design Your Organization

The product you sell will be a reflection of the organization you design.

Feedback for Management: Give More Off-Cycle Raises

There are few better ways to show you care about and value your employees, and to retain your best people, than the unrequested, unexpected, unscheduled, off-cycle raise.

9 Tips for Building a Communication System (with Templates)

Good communication is vital to your company's success. When your company is 5, 10, or even 20 people, in one room, maybe at one table, communication happens to you. Whether you want it to or not. Which is (mostly) a good thing. As you grow, you need a Communication System because communication doesn’t happen as … Continue reading 9 Tips for Building a Communication System (with Templates)

6 Steps to Creating Better Managers (with Tools and Templates)

How to create a better management system and better managers, and incidentally achieve your company goals

How to Build a Project Management System (with Templates)

Project management is a skill. And it’s vital to your success. Get good at it.

Introduction to Execution

Everyone has ideas. Few can execute. You’re better off having great execution and the wrong idea because with great execution you can learn and iterate on your vision as part of the execution. On the other hand, a great vision without execution will get you nowhere.

Your Startup Needs An Operating System

Your company has an Operating System whether or not you consciously build and nurture one. It will happen by default. And a default Operating System is highly unlikely to function well and get the long-term results you’re looking for.

Everyone Needs A User Manual

What if you had a user manual for your manager, the members of your team, or the people who work for you? You could, without years of working together first, learn how they like to communicate, how they like to manage or be managed, how they like to give and receive feedback, what their pet … Continue reading Everyone Needs A User Manual

How To Be A Great Manager

The two prerequisites for being a great manager are: Sincerely and deeply caring about your team and company.Having empathy, self-awareness, organizational awareness, emotional awareness, perspective, maturity, and security. If you possess those characteristics, you can become a great manager in practice by doing the following: Empower your team.Your job is to hire the best people, … Continue reading How To Be A Great Manager