5 Guidelines On How To Design Your Organization

The product you sell will be a reflection of the organization you design.

Feedback for Management: Give More Off-Cycle Raises

There are few better ways to show you care about and value your employees, and to retain your best people, than the unrequested, unexpected, unscheduled, off-cycle raise.

6 Steps to Creating Better Managers (with Tools and Templates)

How to create a better management system and better managers, and incidentally achieve your company goals

How To Be A Great Manager

The two prerequisites for being a great manager are: Sincerely and deeply caring about your team and company.Having empathy, self-awareness, organizational awareness, emotional awareness, perspective, maturity, and security. If you possess those characteristics, you can become a great manager in practice by doing the following: Empower your team.Your job is to hire the best people, … Continue reading How To Be A Great Manager